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Student exchange to France, England or America; Semester abroad in Australia, Sweden or Japan; a voluntary social year in Thailand, Argentina or Mexico; this is no longer so unusual today! For many young people in Nicaragua, however, this is too often a dream that remains completely unfulfillable.


Puente Nica is actively committed to ensuring that young people from developing countries, primarily from Nicaragua, are given the opportunity to gain priceless experiences in our country. We help young Nicaraguans who are socially committed in their country to spend a voluntary social year in Germany. Here they can get valuable insights into everyday German and professional life, learn the German language and then use the knowledge gained in their home country to find qualified work! This helps not only the volunteer himself, but also his family. This is a unique experience and a chance for a better life.


In November 2012 we welcomed our first volunteer to Germany. The Friolzheim kindergarten was reinforced. From Nicaragua! Domingo, a native of Tipitapeño, long volunteer in the La Casita del Árbol project and the cashier of our partner organization Enlazando Sueños set   foot on Friolzheimer soil for the first time. Here he lived, worked, learned to speak a new language for over a year and a half and was able to experience German culture up close. Read in our blog about Domingo's time in the Friolzheim kindergarten or about the European trip of the volunteer Miguel. In the meantime, a total of 9 Nicaraguans have already completed an exchange year with Puente Nica in Germany.


Would you like to be part of a young Nicaraguan's greatest adventure?


Do you have a small apartment or room that you can provide?


Do you have a BUFDI/volunteering position to fill?


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