Our scholarship holders




Degree program: Medicine               Date of birth: October 29, 2002               Scholarship holder : since March 2020

University: Universidad Autónoma Nicaragüense               Place of residence: San Francisco Libre




Génesis is 17 years old and has received the Enrique Schmidt grant since March 2020. Génesis comes from San Francisco Libre, a small town that belongs to the Managua district.


She comes from a humble family who has always supported her to pursue an academic path. After studying medicine at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN MANAGUA) for one year, she applied for the scholarship, but her financial situation did not allow her to continue her studies without support. After completing her studies, Génesis would like to work in pediatrics to ensure medical care for children.























Degree program: Nurse               Date of birth: March 21, 1998               Scholarship holder : since February 2016

University: Universidad Autónoma Nicaragüense               Place of residence: La Paz centro




Martha's parents worked as farmers and harvested wheat and corn to sell these products to wholesalers. As is usually the case in Nicaragua, the family barely made ends meet with the yields from agriculture. Meanwhile, her mother works at home and looks after the siblings and grandmother, while the father has a job in a company that packs bananas for shipping. Martha has been struggling with health problems since the age of 9: a weak heart valve limits her physical endurance and forces her to undergo regular examinations and treatments. Because of this situation, Martha would like to complete her studies as a nurse with great success.


Martha's dream is to be able to help other sick people in her community. Since there is no doctor's office in her settlement, she would like to work for the local community in the future. We are convinced of this wish and are enthusiastic about Martha!
















Degree program: Zoology               Date of birth: April 10, 1997               Scholarship holder : since August 2015

University: Universidad Nacional Agragria               Place of residence: Cristo Rey




Kathering grew up near the city of Matagalpa in rural northern Nicaragua. At the age of 9, she started working in restaurants to financially support her single mother with looking after the family. Kathering has decided to do everything possible to get a university degree to enable a better future for her family. Therefore, she has been receiving a full scholarship from Puente Nica eV since August 2015. 

As a child, Kathering liked to go to school and won prizes in national math competitions. She likes to be outdoors in nature and helps with it, especially when it comes to animals. Her degree - zoology - is interdisciplinary and combines the subjects of agriculture, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and economics. After the extensive training, Kathering would like to be prepared for work in a livestock farm - maybe even her own. She can also imagine completing further training as a lecturer at the university.


Until the birth of her son Stephen in October 2018, Kathering volunteered in the social library project "La Casita del Árbol" (German "the tree house"). Kathering is currently supported by her mother and sister in caring for their child because she wants to continue studying full-time. Despite the difficult conditions, she copes well with the studies, which we admire! Katherine will complete her studies in late 2020 / early 2021.














Degree program: Medicine               Date of birth: August 27, 1999               Scholarship holder: since February 2017

University: Universidad Autónoma Nicaragüense               Place of residence: Las Mercedes



Jexson grew up in a small mountain village near San Francisco Libre. The first passable road to his village was built eight years ago, and last year the houses were finally connected to the power grid. Soon there will also be running water. There is no hospital nearby. It is almost impossible to get medical help without traveling to the capital. Therefore, Jexson dreams of becoming a doctor, returning to his home village and helping the community there.


Jexson's family lives from agriculture. The harvest is enough to feed the family but mostly not for sale. Determined to make his dream come true, Jexson applied for a grant from Puente Nica in 2016. He not only met the basic requirements (financially marginalized, successful graduation and social commitment), but is still one of our best applicants with an average of 96.4 out of 100 points. With the help of the full scholarship from Puente Nica, Jexson was able to move to the capital and start his medical studies at the Universidad Autonoma Nicaraguense (UNAN-Managua) in March 2017, which he has pursued with great commitment and excellent performance. He volunteers night work in a hospital in Managua and tries to

















Degree program: Pharmacy               Date of birth: June 25, 1999               Scholarship holder : since February 2016

University: Universidad Autónoma Nicaragüense                Place of residence: La Paz Centro



Isamar comes from La Paz Centro in western Nicaragua and studies pharmacy. She lives with her grandmother, great-grandmother, little brother, uncles and cousins ??in a house. The family has a total monthly income of 4000 Cordobas (approx. € 130). Because of this difficult financial situation, Isamar decided to start studying to build a more stable life situation for herself and her family in the future.


In order to enable her to pursue this degree, she has been receiving the Beca Enrique Schmidt full scholarship since 2016.


Isamar pursues the goal of a good degree in pharmacy with enthusiasm and commitment despite the high learning effort and we are very happy to be able to promote it. Isamar is already working in a pharmacy in her community and is gathering experiences that will help her to fulfill her dream: to open her own pharmacy. She takes part in additional training in which she learns basic medical procedures (measuring blood pressure, giving injections, ...) so that she can later contribute to better health care in her community.















Degree course:  Industrial engineering                Date of birth: November 15, 1998               Scholarship holder : since February 2016

University: Universidad Autónoma Nicaragüense                  Place of residence: La Paz Centro



Amelia has taken up the challenge of studying in Managua, the country's capital. To do this, she has to drive the 63 kilometers each day that separate the village of La Paz Centro from the National University for Engineering Courses (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, UNI).


Her parents could not cover the cost of commuting and all of the associated costs themselves. Amelia's family is in a difficult financial situation - they could not have paid the scholarship alone. She was already enthusiastic about mathematics and the natural sciences at school and therefore decided to study engineering.


Like all of our scholars, she pursues the goal with determination and commitment to give herself and her family financial security and to use the knowledge they have gained to improve the living conditions in their community. We are delighted to be able to support Amelia because she has expressed her determination to contribute to the future development of her environment in La Paz Centro through the skills learned in the study of civil engineering.
















Degree program: Interpreter English French                Date of birth: August 1, 1999                Scholarship holder : since February 2017

University: Universidad Autónoma Nicaragüense                Place of residence: San Francisco Libre



Since Darling was six years old, she and her family have lived in the small town of San Francisco Libre. To feed his family better, Darling's father left Nicaragua in early childhood to work in Costa Rica. Whenever possible, Darling spent time with her father in Costa Rica and learned her first words in English. That was when her passion and interest in new languages ??began.


Darling decided early on to pursue a good education for a better future for herself and her family. After she finished school very well, she wanted to start studying interpreting. Unfortunately, this was impossible because her father was unable to work due to health reasons and the family's financial situation prevented her from studying.


Darling has received a full scholarship from Puente Nica since 2017 and is now successfully studying translation and interpretation of foreign languages ??with a focus on English and French .























Degree:   IT / web development                Date of birth: March 26, 1994                Scholarship holder: since 2015

University: Universidad de Managua (UdeM)                Place of residence: Tipitapa



Danny is a young man from Tipitapa, a suburb of the capital Managua, who has been receiving a scholarship from Puente Nica since 2015 to finance his studies in computer science at the Universidad de Managua.

Danny is a very open-minded and friendly person who was interested in technology and IT at an early age. He shares this enthusiasm with his neighbors and friends by helping them with technical problems.


In order to support his family (his parents, wife and siblings), who are dependent on his income, he has been working in a textile factory since leaving school. The wages are enough for everyday necessities, but not for studying. With the scholarship, he can attend a weekend university. The scholarship covers all study costs (travel expenses, material costs, lunch). Despite his long working days, Danny volunteers in the library project of the Casita del Árbol - especially, of course, with everything that has to do with technology.













Degree program: Sustainable rural development               Date of birth: 20.08.1999                Scholarship holder: since March 2020                                  

University: Universidad Nacional Agraria                Place of residence: Tepalneca, Madriz




Karla was born in 1998 and has been part of the Enrique Schmidt grant since March 2020. Karla comes from the municipality of Los Larios in the municipality of Tepalneca in the department of Madriz.


In her childhood and adolescence, she enthusiastically helped with projects that were organized to improve the structures in her small community. This is also the reason why she decided to study social development at the Universidad Nacional Agraria in Managua. Once finished, she plans to work side by side with the communities to help people get out of poverty.