Our supporters


Here we present our institutional partners who have supported us since our foundation.



SBW Berlin gGmbH
The SBW Berlin gGmbH awards scholarships to young and socially committed people from abroad to enable them to study or train in Berlin. During their scholarship the scholarship holders supervise social projects in their home country - as well as the SBW scholarship holder Abraham Delgado, who is also co-founder of the scholarship program of Puente Nica e.V.. From this connection a regular cooperation between the two organizations developed since 2019, which led to the fact that since 2020 the SBW Berlin takes over the study costs of Puente Nica scholarship holder Karla Vanessa Lazo Calderón. From 2021 on another scholarship place will be financed by SBW. We are very happy about the cooperation!





NEPU - Sustainable Development Projects support eV


NEPU supports the project work in the book bus and at Arte Pintura with 1,500 euros. (2020)









Share initiative in the Cusanuswerk eV


In 2016, 2017 and 2019, the initiative share supported our scholarship project and our book bus project with up to 2200 euros each. With the funds made available, several academic years could be covered and new books and teaching equipment for the book bus acquired.








Development Cooperation Foundation Baden-Württemberg


In 2019, with the financial support of the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg through the Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg (SEZ),  we were able to purchase 14426 euros in a new, off-road project vehicle for the book bus project.








Ev. Luke parish of Gerlingen


In 2019, the Lukasgemeinde Gerlingen supported the work of our partner project Arte Pintura with a donation of 830 euros.









Cents for help eV


Our partner project Arte Pintura was supported in 2017 and 2018 with 500 and 1,500 euros each from the Bosch Foundation Cents for help. The funds were used, among other things, for the purchase of materials for art and music projects. 






Roman Catholic KG Brigachtal

The Brigachtal Church supported our work in 2018 with a donation of over 700 euros.



Friolzheim commune


The municipality of Friolzheim has been supporting the work of the Puente Nica since 2014 with 1,000 euros annually. With the support, part of the running costs for the library project  la casita del árbol can be  covered and important purchases made in Colama and in the book bus.










The municipality of Mönsheim supported the work of the Puente Nica with 1,000 euros annually until 2019. With the support, part of the running costs for the library project  la casita del árbol can be  covered and important purchases made in Colama and in the book bus.








Gertrud and Hellmut Barthel Foundation


In 2018 the Gertrud and Hellmut Barthel Foundation supported our pilot project "Sembrando un futuro" (see the future) with 4000 EUR. In the project, children and young people learned about pollution and nature conservation together and grew their first vegetables in their gardens.







Kreisjugendring Bieberach eV


The Kreisjugendring supported our work in NIcaragua in 2018 with a donation of over 950 euros.









Ing. DiBa


In 2015 and 2018 we  won 1000 euros each for our work at the DiBaDu  competition and your club!









German environmental aid eV


In 2016 we received 2,000 euros in support for the purchase of a vehicle for our book bus project from the hand in hand fund of the German environmental aid.









Altusried municipality


In 2015, the municipality of Altusried supported the start of the book bus project with 300 euros.







Wimsheim primary school


In 2015, the fourth-grade children from the Wimsheim school collected fruit and turned it into juice, which they then sold. The entire proceeds (200 euros) went to our work in Nicaragua.