Everyone has a right to education!


The fourth of the UN-Sustainable Development Goals demands equal chances in education for everyone worldwide. Subgoals emphasize the importance of supporting high quality school education and the provision of university scholarships for people in developing countries. Puente Nica e.V. commits to these goals. We want to enable young Nicaraguans with low financial background, especially from rural areas to study at high quality schools or universities to give them a better chance for a stable future.


University scholarships


Many young Nicaraguans don’t have the financial possibilities to study at universities. There are some courses that only take place on weekends which permits the students to work during the week. However, it is very difficult to master the studies successfully with a full time job on the side. This is why the initiative Scholarship Enrique Schmidt offers full time university scholarships to talented Nicaraguans. At the moment we support seven young Nicaraguans.


School scholarships


The school scholarships have the purpose to offer pupils with above-average grades in the Managua area the chance to graduate at the German High School in Managua. The academic quality of this school is superior to that of many public schools and qualifies them to enter many universities in Nicaragua, Germany and many other countries.