Team Public Relations





Leona Haager - Team Leader and Coordination of the Homepage


2015 - 2016 did a one-year voluntary service at Bibliotek rostros, colores y sueños in Colama.

After her return, she became a member of Puente Nica in 2017. She is responsible for the homepage and the library in is in regular contact with the Colama Library.


Leona studies an master's degree in international economics in Göttingen


Contact: l.haager (at)





Kerstin Markl - Public Relations


took place in 2018 by board member Dr. Anja Vigenshow to the club and has been volunteering ever since

in the area of ??public relations. The Spanish Abitur sparked her keen interest in Latin America.

Kerstin's hobbyhorse is strategic communication.


Kerstin is studying General Rhetoric in the Master at the University of Tübingen.










Miriam Glund - Photos


From 2015 to 2016 she did a one-year voluntary service at the Library Rostros, Colores y Sueños in Colama.

 She has been a member of Puente Nica since 2017. She manages our pictures and is responsible for the library in Colama


Miriam is currently doing her Masters in Applied Political Science in Freiburg and Aix en Provence.






Verena Prinz


Verena Prinz - Facebook


2012-2013 spent a voluntary social year at the Casita del Árbol in Tipitapa, became an active member of the association one year after her return and has been on the board since 2016. She also maintains our Facebook page.


After completing her Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies,

she completed a Master's degree in cultural management and cultural education and is working at

ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL in the area of funding for projects abroad - bengo.


Contact: v.prinz (at)