Team Scholarships




Lea-Sophie Kern - Team Leader and Coordination of grants


was volunteer for the project La Casita del Árbol for one year from 2012 to 2013 and has been a member of Puente Nica eV since 2015. In 2015 she became part of the team Scholarships and has headed it since 2018.

She coordinates the tasks of the team Scholarships in Germany and is responsible for fundraising and is in regular contact with the scholarship holders in Nicaragua.

Lea-Sophie is a psychotherapist in training.


Contact: l.kern (at)




Marcello Perez


Dr. Marcello Perez - Leader of the Selection Commitee


grew up in Nicaragua and co-founded the Enrique Schmidt scholarship program. He is part of the selection committee for new fellows and helps with the coordination and supervision of the fellows with his contacts on site. 

Marcello works as an assistant professor at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg in the field of development economics.

Contact: m.perez (at)








Abraham Delgado - Mentor for the scholarship holders


was born in Nicaragua and was a co-founder of the Enrique Schmidt scholarship program. He works in particular on improving the application process and is responsible for recording the financial situation of the scholarship holders and the annual adjustment of the amount of our scholarships. He is also part of the selection committee for new fellows.

Abraham is currently studying for a master's degree in development economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.


a.delgado (at)





Luis Kliche Navas


is from Nicaragua and has been living in Berlin for many years. He was also part of the group of young Nicaraguans and Germans who created the Enrique Schmidt Scholarship initiative in 2014. In our team, he participates mostly during the application process, communicating with scholarship-holders as well as searching for external funding opportunities and organizing fundraisers.


Luis works as an academic researcher at Free University Berlin (FU Berlin), where he is writing his social sciences PhD thesis at the Latin American Institute.