University scholarships

Initiative "Scholarship Enrique Schmidt"

The initiative is part of Puente Nica e.V. and was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting high quality education for young people in Nicaragua. We especially want to sponsor students from rural areas, particularly women, who otherwise could not afford studying at a university.


Enrique Schmidt


Enrique SchmidtWho was Enrique Schmidt?


Enrique Schmidt Cuadra was a German-Nicaraguan DAAD scholarship holder in Cologne in the 70s. As a student, he was involved in the German solidarity movement with Nicaragua during the Somoza dictatorship. In 1984, shortly after the fall of Somozas, Schmidt was assassinated in the fight against counter revolutionary rebels. Enrique Schmidt embodies the German-Nicaraguan relationship as a Nicaraguan scholarship holder in Germany. During his studies, he never gave up his dream of contributing to a better Nicaragua. That's why we want to promote higher education for talented Nicaraguans in his name.





How do we support scholarship holders?

  • Full scholarship: approx. 115 € per month per person (2017), covers costs for travel, copying, study materials, lunch and enrolment fees
  • Personal support on site (at least one meeting per month)
  • Tutoring in particularly study-relevant subjects
  • Coordination of the social working hours of the scholarship holders


Who can get scholarships?

  •   Financially weak applicants
  • Applicants that are admitted to a state university in Nicaragua
  •  The scholarship holders must be socially involved in the projects of Puente Nica e.V.
  •  With equal qualifications, women are chosen
  • With equal qualifications, applicants from rural areas are chosen


How is this funded?

  • Private donations
  • sponsorships
  • Membership fees of the Puente Nica e.V.
  • Contributions from third organizations
  • fundraising campaigns